Autumn Haiku

the horse's tail
softly hitting my leg . . .
dogs barking in the distance

Brittany Dyer


hot dogs
sizzling on the grill . . .
smoke up to the moon

Michael Thomas


of the mountain camp . . .
roar of a mountain lion

Nicole Boliard


the crackling of the fire . . .
the burn of ashes
falling on my jeans

Paul Heffernan


the water glistens
a fisherman
reels in his catch

Sheldon Long


people talking . . .
popcorn cooking
over an open fire

Michelle Lange


moon rises over the field . . .
something's coming after us,
what is it?

Nikki Cabneg


mist over the water . . .
rays of sun
pouring through it

Brad Bainbridge


sun rise . . .
lake water ripples
behind the ducks

Lindsey Askins


a big turkey
in the center of the table . . .
stuffing falling out

Jordan Wilhot


soft lapping of water . . .
the sun rises over a rowboat
on the lake

Jeff Ross


fog over the lake . . .
the feel of warmness filling
the sky

Ashley Moore


colorful leaves
cover the ground . . .
slackers with leaf blowers

Danny Power


the turkey on the table . . .
gravy spills over
my mashed potatoes

Chelsi Huson

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Warrensburg-Latham Middle School
sixth grade students writing project

 November 1998
©1998 Brooks Books

Randy M. Brooks, Ph.D.
workshop leader & editor