Outside Robins Sing: Selected Haiku

by Paul O. Williams

Paul O. Williams. Outside Robins Sing: Selected Haiku (Decatur, IL: Brooks Books), 1999. Handsewn accordian fold edition, (4" X 5.5") 56 pages.

Outside Robins Sing is a collector's edition of selected haiku by one of the best contemporary haiku writers, Paul O. Williams:

the conductor
raises his baton—
outside robins sing

Handsewn in an accordian fold, which clusters the haiku into seven reading arenas, this edition captures that sense of wonder we can discover in our everyday lives when we pay attention to the significance of things underfoot.

Graphic book design by Jeremy Coulter, Millikin University Brooks Books student intern, 1999.

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See an essay on Paul O. Williams' haiku published in Modern Haiku issue 48.3, 2017:

The Haiku Poetics of Paul O. Williams: The Art of Discovering an Aura

by Randy Brooks

ISBN: 0-913719-98-6
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her footsteps
     on the walk . . .
          birds singing
all through the fireworks
the sounds of insects
in the trees

photograph by Julie Lycan

From the Author's Preface:

"We deal with wonders on a daily basis. It is a matter of astonishment, and haiku tends to point out that surprise of discovery we feel when we perceive these new dimensions. It notes the grace in the wave of a hand, the sadness of the drying grass, the tiny tongue of the mouse drinking the river. And by doing so it enriches our everyday lives immeasurably." —Paul O. Williams