Randy & Shirley Brooks started editing Mayfly in 1986. All submissions are judged competition style, together before each issue. We are now biannual, publishing an issue every summer and winter.

         a mayfly
         taps the screen-
         warm beets slip their skins

                                   --Peggy Lyles

We feel it is the duty of the editors and writers to make careful selection and proper presentation of only the very best, the most evocative, the truly effective haiku. We publish only 14 or 15 haiku per issue, but each haiku is printed on its own page. The writer is paid $10.00 per haiku.

Starting with the year 2000 issues, Mayfly was redesigned by Lidia Rozmus in order to continue featuring individual haiku on each page, and in order to also feature a haiga painting of a selected "best of issue" from the previous issue. The first haiku featured was the following haiku by R.A. Stefanac:

        splitting open
        a freestone peach

                                   —R.A. Stefanac

Click on the cover above for a full screen version of the haiga.

Learn more about Lidia Rozmus and her art work: Lidia Rozmus Web Studio.

Special Features:

Each issue features 15 top-quality haiku. That's all. No book reviews, no prose pieces, no announcments of new publications. Just 15 haiku worth reading and re-reading again.


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Submission Guidelines:

Writers also need to be selective, so we limit submissions to only five per issue. We publish a winter issue in December or January and a summer issue in June or July. We also have been deliberately slow in returning submissions for an issue, re-reading the "maybes" for several months until publication date.

While we prefer e-mail submissions, we will consider snail-mail submissions from addresses within the United States. Please submit no more than 5 haiku per issue. Be sure to include your snail-mail address in the email submission or a SASE with snail mail submissions. Do not submit work under consideration by other magazines or contests.

We pay $10 per haiku for snail mail submissions and $10 credit toward Brooks Books publications for all email submissions published.

Editors: Randy & Shirley Brooks

Published by:

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