High/Coo: A Quarterly of Short Verse

Randy & Shirley Brooks edited High/Coo Quarterly from 1976 until 1982, publishing a total of 24 issues. It was an eclectic magazine featuring all types of brief poetry such as haiku, senryu, tanka, lyrics, epigrams, and minimalist visual poems.

Editors: Randy & Shirley Brooks

Published by:

High/Coo Press
Battle Ground, Indiana

Cover of High/Coo Quarterly
Volume 3, Issue 11, February 1979
Sample haiku from High/Coo 6.24, May 1982:

Our childhood seesaw—
touching the last trace
of its yellow paint

Alexis Kaye Rotella
Mt. Lakes, NJ

poised beside
the new vase—
her new hair

Scott L. Montgomery
Boston, MA

     soap bubble
catching us
     to break

Raymond Roseliep
Dubuque, Iowa

High/Coo: A Quarterly of Short Poetry Randy & Shirley Brooks, editors. 1976-1982. Saddle-stitched, (4" X 5.5") 16 pages per issue. Back issues are available for $4.00 each.

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Issue Numbers

A complete set of High/Coo Quarterly issues (1 through 23) is availble with several issues provided as photocopies for $50.00.

All issues except the following will be photocopy versions:

23  22  21  19  18  17  16  11  10

Special Features:

Early issues of High/Coo were published in loose leaf with poemcards serving as covers. After going to a saddle stitch binding with issue 5, we continued to publish a poemcard with most issues. We still have about twelve different poemcards available.

Several issues were focused on a single theme or type of short poetry. Issue five features free-form tanka in English and issue eight is a special thematic issue on cats. Issue twelve is a special issue on children in haiku, and several issues featured the work of Raymond Roseliep, Sandy Goldstein, Peggy Lyles and other well known haiku writers.

We also had a lot of fun with graphics, sometimes printing Shirley's linoleum cuts and other times experimenting with nature prints of objects such as leaves, thistles and things found on walks to the woods.

Subscription not available. High/Coo Quarterly is no longer being published. (It was replaced by Mayfly magazine.)

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