Modern Haiku Volumes 1-10 (1969-1979) on CD-ROM

Modern Haiku Press is pleased to announce the publication of Modern Haiku, Volumes 1-10 (1969-1979) now available in a CD-ROM edition, edited and designed by Randy Brooks.

This archive of the first ten years of Modern Haiku features facsimiles of all pages from Volume 1.1 (winter 1969), through Volume 10.3 (autumn 1979). This CD comprises simple HTML files, so the contents may be read with any Web browser. All pages of each issue, including front and back covers, were scanned from a set of original issues, some of which are in less than perfect condition, so the quality of the images has sometimes suffered somewhat.

The index of authors, prepared by Modern Haiku Editor Charles Trumbull, records, in alphabetical order by author, the contents of the first ten years of the journal. Included are all essays, reviews, regular features, and—most significantly—the full text of every haiku and senryu that were published. Cover graphic design by Modern Haiku Art Director Lidia Rozmus.

A free sample of the first issue Volume 1.1 is available on the Modern Haiku web site. See this link:

Modern Haiku Volumes 1-10 (1969-1979) on CD-ROM. Modern Haiku Press, August 2010. 

ISBN 978-0974189-44-4

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Cover graphic design by Modern Haiku Art Director Lidia Rozmus

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