The New Pond:
An English-language Haiku Anthology

translated & edited by Emiko Miyashita

Emiko Miyashita. The New Pond: An English-language Haiku Anthology. Tokyo: Hokumeisha Press. June, 2002.

Perfect Bound, (6" X 8") 128 pages.
ISBN: 4-89448-319-X

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The translations are done in two layers, first as a direct translation into Japanese prose, and then in a suggestive 5-7-5 haiku style in Japanese. Thus obeying a rule of "Show, don't tell!" The English haiku contains far more information than we can put into 5-7-5 Japanese syllables. The suggestiveness was the method used to convert the direct translation into the 5-7-5 in this anthology.
The anthology was made possible by the help of Lee Gurga, Michael D. Welch, and Fay Aoyagi. Special thanks to these wonderful haiku poets.

Sample haiku:

after ringing it up
the cashier sniffs
my sprig of mint

           Carl Patrick

ISBN: 4-89448-319-X

This book is no longer available
from Brooks Books.

warm spring breeze
the old hound runs
in his sleep

           George Swede


nine one one
smelling the new skyline

           Mykel Board

The book has a preface/introduction given by Dr Akito Arima wrote the introduction, and the book features essays in Japanese on:, and my essays cover:

monarch butterfly and the whale watching—Asilomar Retreat of Yuki Teikei Haiku Society in January, 2002

haiku reading in San Jose Main Library --about the reading on January 16th, 2002; the popularity of reading in the New Pond

a wonderful relationship between cancer patients and haiku --Kay Anderson's haiku class for the cancer patients in February, 2002

happy bags and chapbooks —Hiroko Minami's hand-made happy bags and Leatrice Lifshitz's "PURPLE SO DEEP…"; chapbooks in the New Pond


Bob Spiess' promise—phone calls to Bob during his last few weeks and his promise; Modern Haiku

Cor's hat—about Cor Van Den Heuvel's hat that I borrowed at HNA 2001 in Boston

dojin—consideration on a term, 'dojin'; Patricia J. Machmiller and Jerry Ball as the official dojin of Yuki Teikei Haiku Society in the New Pond

home stay—my record of home staying at Lee Gurga's, Charlie Rossiter's, Claire Gallagher's, Patricia Machmiller's, Maggie Chula's homes

reality and imaginary—how the understanding of haiku has evolved in the new pond and in myself