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Welcome to the Brooks Books Haiku web site. This web site is dedicated to writing, publishing and enjoying English-language haiku. It features the work of poets, editors, publishers and organizations who share in this commitment. For more information about Brooks Books see our about us page.

Please read our conception of the haiku genre.

Brooks Books is please to serve as a distributor of the Modern Haiku CD-Rom Volumes 1-10 (1969-1979) published by Modern Haiku Press in September 2010. You may purchase it online from this web site page.

Mayfly magazine goes to email submissions! Yes, we've finally gone to email submissions as our first-choice preference. Snail mail submissions are still welcome from within the United States. Subscription price is also going up for the first time in twenty years from $8 to $10. Back issues are $5 each.

Brooks Books recommends The Clay Jar by Caroline Giles Banks.

Now discounted! Brooks Books has published a full-length haiku film, HAIKU: The Art of the Short Poem by Tazuo Yamaguchi. This amazing film featuring contemporary English-language haiku poets is published as a book and DVD combination including an anthology of haiku cited or read in the video. See more details.

Brooks Books is pleased to host an online web studio for our long-time artist friend, Lidia Rozmus. Lidia has done a lot of design work for Brooks Books over the years including the design and haiga paintings for the covers of Mayfly magazine. Please enjoy visiting her studio: Lidia Rozmus Web Studio.

We are pleased to host an RSS feed featuring a Haiku of the Day. The haiku of the day are written by Millikin University students. A special thanks goes to Alan Brooks for programming the python code for this feature.

You may purchase our publications online, using the "add to cart" buttons throughtout the web site, or by going to the Brooks Books Online Orders Catalog.

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Haiku books, films and subscriptions to MAYFLY magazine make wonderful gifts for your friends, students and family. If you would like to purchase a Brooks Books publications gift certificate, you may do so with a secure online credit card purchase. You set the amount and this gift certificate allows the recipient to purchase any Brooks Books publication.

Online Collections

Brooks Books publishes free online collections of haiku (with photography or haiga paintings). For a complete listing with links, see our online collections.

Please visit our online collection of photography and haiku, Sky In My Teacup by Anne LB Davidson.

Enjoy three online collections of photography and haiku by Gretchen Batz and Nanacy Wiley: Narrative Photo Haiku and Seasons of Water.

Long Walk Alone is an online collection of haiku by Lee Gurga & photographs by Gretchen Batz.


Brooks Books publishes clothbound, trade paperback, and small chapbook collections of English language haiku. (see books)

Our most recent trade books:

Lull Before Dark: Haiku by Caroline Gourlay 2006. (see the web flyer)

The Silence Between Us: Selected Haiku of Wally Swist 2005. (see the web flyer)

Deep Shade Flickering Sunlight: Selected Haiku of O Mabson Southard 2004. (see web flyer)


Brooks Books publishes Mayfly, a chapbook-sized magazine of English language haiku published twice a year.

Subscriptions are $8 per year. (see our Mayfly page)

Mayfly pays $10 per haiku published and features an original haiga (haiku and sumi-e painting) by Lidia Rozmus on the front cover.


Brooks Books Haiku web site reviews current haiku books.

One Hundred Poets on Mount Ogura, One Poem Each edited by Stephen Henry Gill & Okiharu Maeda available from Hailstone Publications, 2010.

Emiko Miyashita's New Pond: An English-language Haiku Anthology published by Hokumeisha Press in Tokyo is available from us.


The Brooks Books Catalog or Orders Page makes it easy for you to purchase our books directly on the web with a secure credit card payment through Paypal.

Watch for the ADD TO CART buttons that for online credit card purchases.

Many of our titles are also available from Amazon.com if you prefer to purchase them there.

Our books are distributed to book stores in Japan by Shokai Tuttle.

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Brooks Books
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Haiku Translations

Brooks Books publishes dual-language editions featuring contemporary Japanese haiku poets:

Kiyoko's Sky: The Haiku of Kiyoko Tokutomi by Kiyoku Tokutomi, co-founder of the Yuki-Teikei Haiku Society in California. Translated by Patricia Machmiller and Fay Aoyagi

Einstein's Century: Akito Arima's Haiku translated by Emiko Miyashita and Lee Gurga

Love Haiku: Masajo Suzuki's Lifetime of Love translated by Emiko Miyashita and Lee Gurga

While Brooks Books is not a non-profit organization, all magazine and books sales are used to support additional publication projects, including our free online haiga collections. If you wish to make a donation to support Brooks Books publishing efforts, your donation will go to the goal of publishing the best English-language haiku possible. Please note that this is not a tax-deductible donation, just a gift to help support Brooks Books publishing.